The clear nights of Menorca

Menorca is not only a perfect spot to enjoy of the land and sea; it is also a paradise for the observation of the stars and the cosmos. This was already noticed by the first inhabitants of the island.

When the night comes to Menorca, the absence of mountains and the extreme transparency of the air enable us to enjoy one of the main nature's spectacles: the clear observation of the skies. This particular configuration of the island gives the impression that Menorca is floating in the cosmos' immensity, producing even –as some people has described− a feeling of dizziness. The above was already noticed by the first inhabitants of the island, who considered it –for this reasons− as the very core of the universe.

Menorca offers you a big variety of possibilities to enjoy a romantic trip or a weekend getaway, because, from sunset to sunrise, you will be able to enjoy unique and unforgettable moments. Remember that, as Ibn Abbad said, the night may become a continuous sunrise if it is spent next to a special person. You would not easily forget, for example, what you feel when observing the sun going down to the sea, creating infinity of different colors, as the moon is starting to emerge.

¿Do you imagine being laid down in the beach, gazing at the stars next to someone special and feeling the sound of the waves as they approach the sea shore and the wild nature which surrounds you?

¿Do you imagine being laid down next to one of the seven lighthouses of Menorca while its headlight illuminates the cliffs and guides the lost ships in the darkness of the night?

¿Do you imagine gazing at the first rays of sunlight of Spain from a small cove?

The above feelings are unique and, if they are experienced from Menorca, will be always in your mind. The magic of the island of Menorca is within its nature, which will always make you feel that you are alone in its immensity.

Here are some recommendations to enjoy Menorca at night:
- Sunset: Pont d'en Gil, Punta Nati, Cavalleria Cape or Cala Pregonda.
- Harbours of Mahón, Cales Fonts, Fornells and Ciutadella, in which you may enjoy a romantic dinner close to the sea.
- Stargazing from a small cove: La Vall, Cavalleria or Binigaus.
- Visiting by night one of the seven lighthouses which illuminate the island.
- Sunrise: Cala Sant Esteve, El Toro or Castell de Santa Águeda.

Greetings from Fornells, Menorca.

Author of the photography: Pau Gener

Monday, 07 October 2013


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